HOW TO APPLY: After opening the application link, (step 5), follow the steps below.

1. Select “Executive/Professional” under “What level are you applying for.”


2. Select “Naveen Jindal School of Management” under “What school are you applying to.”


3. Select “Executive Coaching” under “What program are you applying for”


4. Read this:

The admissions process requires submission of the following:

  • Online application form
  • Application fee
  • Resume
  • One page essay
  • Three professional recommendations
  • Official academic transcript(s)

When completing the application form, only the items that have a small red star next to them are required.  For example, we DO require your resume and application essay to submit the application but we DO NOT require your unofficial transcripts to be uploaded to the application - though you are free to do so if you wish. Similarly, you are NOT required to list your recommenders. However, if you choose to do so the recommendation form will be emailed immediately upon entering their information.


5. To access the online application, click here and sign up to create a login.


6. To download a pdf of these instructions click here.


If you wish to use the credit hours in the Academic Certificate as a concentration in the Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development, learn more here.