OB 6382 Transformational Leadership (3 semester credit hours)

Transformational Leadership (3 semester credit hours) Executive Education Course. This course explores Transformational Leadership as it relates to workforce dynamics and practices. Students will investigate the history of this theory, including the variety of approaches to Transformational Leadership as well as salient cultural, gender, and business forces influencing its development over time. Course assignments include the applicability of Transformational Leadership to challenges inherent in both present and future workplaces. Case studies in Transformational Leadership will integrate theory with practice. Academic literature will be reviewed introducing relevant issues surrounding the application of this model in a variety of settings.



  • Factors that precipitated Transformational Leadership
  • Models of Transformational Leadership
  • Case studies of leaders both past and present
  • Integration of Transformational Leadership with other theories/approaches


OB 6348 Leadership Concepts and Practices (3 semester credit hours)

Leadership Concepts and Practices (3 semester credit hours) Executive Education Course. This course explores theories and techniques of leadership and approaches from antiquity to the present time with emphasis on complementary roles of management and leadership in organizations. The course covers various aspects of developing such approaches and its critical analyses. The course also addresses emotional intelligence, leadership styles, communications practices and with specific focus on how leaders turn challenging opportunities into successes and achieve extraordinary results. Self-assessment exercises will focus on the development of individual leadership skills.



  • Overviews of leadership approaches from ancient to modern including neuroscience research
  • Inclusive of salient aspects influencing leadership such as gender and culture
  • Evolutionary perspective of “Followership”
  • Application of approaches


OB 6377 The Neuropsychology of Leadership (3 semester credit hours)

Executive Education Course. Exploration of the manner in which advances in the neurosciences inform organizational interventions in the area of leadership. This course explores basic neural structures and functions and how these are activated within interactions between leaders and their teams as indicated by research. Of particular importance will be the relevance to workplace dynamics, particularly how the research can be translated into leadership practices that can augment productivity and engagement as well as research exploring which practices can derail organizations.



  • Neural structures and functions
  • Neuroscience based leadership models
  • Brain-based discussion of issues relevant to leadership such as power and influence
  • Growth Mindset” and “Implicit Bias”


BPS 6332 Strategic Leadership (3 semester credit hours)

Executive Education Course. Addresses the challenge of leading organizations in dynamic and challenging environments. Overall goal is to not only question one's assumptions about leadership, but also enhance skills and acquire new content knowledge. Topics include visionary and transformational leadership, post-heroic leadership, empowerment, leveraging and combining resources, designing organizations and ethics. 



  • The changing role of leadership in the evolution of strategy
  • Systems and strategic thinking in complex adaptive environments
  • Knowledge and skills to lead strategically at all levels