Dr. Robert Hicks“The purpose of the Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting Program can be described in one word: Transformation. Through our MBA and MS degrees, and our Professional and Academic Certificate offerings we educate people in the models, methods, and techniques of transforming organizations, teams, and individuals so that students can apply the latest in behavioral science knowledge in a way that best serves their professional needs.

Our programs are designed for working adults. Using state-of-the-art eLearning technologies, students learn through interactive online modules, videos, live webinars, and discussion forums accessible from anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection. Furthermore, since our programs are cohort-based, students develop a network of colleagues that support them throughout the educational process and expands their professional and business connections.

Our students deserve the best, expect the best, and receive the best in education from a program within a nationally and internationally top-ranked business school at a tier-one university: The University of Texas at Dallas.”

-Robert Hicks, Ph.D., Director, Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting