The Certificate of Management is patterned after a traditional MBA degree program. Topics are designed to cover business/management functions and the essential concepts, tools and resources learned in an MBA program. As a self-paced online program, this “Mini-MBA” program does not attempt to deliver the depth of learning found in a traditional degree program, but focuses on the most critical “need-to-know” elements in order to enhance a manager’s abilities to manage and lead in their organization.

Online “Mini-MBA” Executive Program

Management professionals can gain the fundamental knowledge and critical MBA tools needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, but in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional MBA degree. UT Dallas’ Certificate of Management “Mini-MBA” concentrates the essential components of an MBA degree into an abbreviated, noncredit, online format.


  • Self-paced, open enrollment curriculum takes six to ten months to complete.
  • Delivered online so students can study when and where it is convenient for them.
  • A highly interactive format with video cases and many learning tools make it an exciting and effective way to learn.
  • No prior business degree or admissions tests required (business/management experience is a prerequisite).

Experienced managers who need a broader understanding of the functions of business but cannot commit the time required to earn an MBA will benefit from the UT Dallas Certificate of Management program. For more information, please contact Program Manager:

Caroline K. Herschbach
Program Manager II
The University of Texas at Dallas 
Naveen Jindal School of Management Executive Education 
Organizational Behavior, Coaching, and Consulting
[email protected].

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