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The Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development degree program explores essential issues associated with leadership and human systems to conduct planned interventions, using the behavioral-science knowledge that will increase an organization’s effectiveness and health.  Graduates of this degree program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in leadership and organizational development theory to design interventions at the system, group, and individual levels.
  • Apply best practices that stem from empirical research to issues relevant to changing individuals and groups in organizational cultural contexts and to the organizations themselves to improve effectiveness.
  • Manage and analyze change initiatives utilizing assessment tools and diagnostic methodologies.
  • Use leverage points in organizations and the human side of motivating others to take advantage of the opportunities these points represent.
  • Utilize a knowledge base in the leadership and organizational development literature, particularly as it applies to multi-level organizational change and transformation.
  • Understand and apply evidence-based intervention methods for improving group, intergroup, and interpersonal effectiveness.

This degree program ensures that students will acquire knowledge of leadership and organizational development concepts and practices as well as learn the competencies needed to make professional contributions to the implementation of sustainable strategic change in organizations.

Value-added benefits:

  1. In addition to the MS degree, the curriculum for this program fulfills the requirements for an Academic Certificate in Transformational Leadership if a specialized concentration is not chosen. In other words, upon graduation, you will receive both a diploma in the MS in Leadership and Organizational Development and an Academic Certificate in Transformational Leadership.
  2. Students enrolled in this degree program are invited to attend regularly scheduled Expert Forums in a variety of related subjects at no additional cost.

For a list of upcoming Expert Forums, click here.

What is the value of an MS in Leadership and Organizational Development?

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Who Should Participate?

  • Executives, managers, human resource professionals, organizational and leadership development professionals and trainers
  • Coaches and consultants who want to expand their capabilities and business opportunities
  • Emerging leaders in functional areas of an organization
  • Those who work in the fields of organizational psychology, human relations, and talent management

Program Information

  • Two-year degree program (six semesters)
  • Attend from anywhere: Fully online with WebEx sessions included
  • Concentrations and certificates available
  • Ready now enrollment: Fall, Spring, and Summer intakes
  • Federal financial aid for qualified applicants