In the Organizational Consulting Certificate Program, students will learn how to be effective internal or external organizational consultants. Specific content areas in the course include:

  •  Defining your value proposition and brand
  •  Setting a strategy and a supporting operating model for your practice or department
  •  Building business cases to sell and propose work to external or internal clients
  •  Executing the end-to-end, entry to exit consulting process to deliver high-quality work
  •  Delivering consulting solutions across different functional disciplines and industry sectors 
  •  Displaying high ethics and professional consulting skills

A wide variety of professionals benefit from the course content, including business leaders looking to adopt a more consultative approach in the work, HR professionals who desire in-depth content to build their human capital consulting skills, staff professionals working inside a company who coach, advise and influence internal clients (e.g., Finance Managers, Project Managers), technical experts that have consulting requirements as a part of their job responsibilities (e.g., IT professionals), external coaches who are looking to expand their capability in organizational consulting, and independent consultants or consultants who work in boutique practices who need content, tools and techniques to increase their consulting capabilities.

The Organizational Consulting Certificate can help you build a strong foundation in organization development. The credits earned in the Academic Certificate program may be applied toward the Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development

Listen to Van Latham, PhD, discuss the benefits and value of the program for your career:


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